This DarkroomDave website has free hints, tips and general advice for photographers using film cameras and making black and white prints in a traditional darkroom.

Tutorials and other information on black and white photography using film and darkroom printing are just a click away. Read the latest news, find out more about the site or Darkroom Dave himself.

Unfortunately, Dave is no longer able to run photography courses, darkroom workshops or give lectures due to ill health.

If you are interested in the equipment that I use see the Kit page. I have also uploaded lots of pdf files of original manuals and brochures for all sorts of equipment, films and papers to the Kit page too. These include DeVere and Durst enlarger manuals and brochures, most Ilford equipment manuals such as the MG500 enlarger head, Ilford film, paper and chemicals technical information, Sekonic light meter manuals/brochures and more.

My photographs are available to buy as darkroom prints from my Gallery website DaveButcher.co.uk Here are a few of the images currently available. There are around 1700 images in total across cities and landscapes in the UK and around the world. Enjoy browsing! Click the link or the DaveButcher logo.