Articles about film

Process Times for Ilford FP4, SFX and Delta 400

Process Times for Ilford films FP4+, SFX and Delta 400

Black and White Film Processing Using Paterson Tanks

How to process black and white film, text description and videos.

New Photographs of Glen Coe

New images of Glen Coe uploaded to my web gallery on

Landscapes in Black and White

A few hints and tips I have picked up over 40 years or so of taking black and white landscapes using film cameras.

Film and Filters

What to put in front of and behind the lens!

Camera Equipment for Hill and Mountain Photography

What to take with you on your high-altitude expedition.

Using Ilford SFX Infra-red Film

As there are not many infra-red (IR) films available now, I describe here the use of Ilford SFX.