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Christmas Contemporary Art and Craft Fair at RHS Wisley

We are doing a show at RHS Wisley with Craft in Focus. It’s the highest quality show that we do and there are about 150 designer-maker exhibitors from all over the country.

It’s on right now until this Sunday (30th November). Entry is free to RHS members and there’s lots of car parking at the venue.

Jan is doing this one on her own and it’s usually a busy show but that’s how she prefers to do it. I just get in the way otherwise!

There’s lots of new pictures, including Vienna as well as a few new ones of London, lots of bargains, especially smaller prints from £5.

You can also buy all 4 books for £20. My Lake District book Lake Light is going fast, we now have less than 40 copies from the 1500 print run. Once they are sold there will be no more, it’s not being reprinted as I have too many new images still to publish, hence the 2 new landscape books that I’m currently working on.

Here are some photos of our stand at RHS Wisley that Jan took today, a bit more space than last year so things aren’t as cramped, it will be easier for you to browse the prints and books.





Last Buxton Event of 2014

We are in the middle of doing our last art and craft fair in Buxton for this year. It’s the Artist and Designer Fair in Buxton Pavilion Gardens. Open 10am to 4.30pm tomorrow, Sunday 23rd November, free entry. About 45 exhibitors with lots of different types of work. For details see Events entry.

buxton-art-fair- 20141122_123450

buxton-art-fair- 20141122_123507
We have lots of pictures, maybe 400 in total, landscape and cities, all in glorious black and white. Jan also has a selection of her colour prints on the stand. Lots of Christmas shopping ideas, clearance framed photographs, reduced price mounted prints, offers on books and lots more.

This may be the last show in our local area for now but we still have one more show after this at RHS Wisley Gardens starting Tuesday 25th November. More on this in a couple of days.


Personal Peak District Photo Course and 3 Shires Head

Today I ran a personal Peak District photo course for Nick and Rex who work together in Windsor.

Not the best day weatherwise! Heavy rain delayed our start. Then we had a break in the weather, headed out and had over an hour dry and took advantage with some good waterfall photos in the Goyt Valley.

The rain returned at noon so we went for an early lunch at the Church Inn in Chelmorton. A sunny afternoon was forecast and we didn’t want to miss it!

As usual the sun came out while we were in the pub.

We resumed the day taking photographs of the small fields, dry stone walls and trees from Chelmorton Low, the hill behind the pub.

Big clouds came over to block the light so we went off for more waterfalls as they don’t need sunshine to make them impressive.

3 Shires Head was in full spate. I can’t remember seeing so much water here before, and I’ve been here dozens of times over the years. Lots of scope for stunning photos.

Only my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone to record for this blog. Hope these give you an idea of what it was like. The last 2 show how conversion to black and white changes the scene.






New Images of Vienna

In September 2014 we visited Vienna for the first time. I took 22 rolls of Ilford FP4 120 film on my Mamiya 7 cameras, with 10 shots to a roll. I mainly used 43mm and 65mm lenses, roughly equivalent to 21mm and 32mm lenses on a full frame digital camera.

In order to put them on my website I have scanned the first batch of negatives and edited them in Photoshop to look like darkroom images. This is so that I can print them in the darkroom as needed.

Here are some of the photographs. Click here for the Vienna photos on my gallery website.

Cathedral and Haas Haus

Vienna Dom and Haas Haus

Freyung Passage at Night


Vienna Freyung Passage at Night, square

Hofburg Palace Skyline

Vienna Hofburg Palace Skyscape

Spanish Riding School Stables

Vienna Spanish Riding School Stables

Karlskirche Reflections

Vienna Karlskirche Reflections

City Hall at Night

Vienna Neues Rathaus at Night

Prater Park Ferris Wheel at Night

Vienna Ferris Wheel in Action at Night

Upper Belvedere Palace and Fountains

Vienna Upper Belvedere Palace and Fountain

Upper Belvedere Palace Reflections

Vienna Upper Belvedere Reflections, panoramic