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San Francisco in the Rain

We’re on our way home from Colorado now. One more night in San Francisco then we fly back to Heathrow. It was very wet walking around San Francisco today. Very heavy rain, cold and windy all day, just like being at home in Derbyshire!

Jan and I went for a walk of about 9 miles for a bit of exercise. I didn’t take my Mamiya film camera but I did take some pictures on my phone.

We started with Lombard Street, then down to Fisherman’s Wharf and along the waterfront.

usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_193616usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_194034usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_193858 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_193313 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_193133 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_193027 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_192922 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_192817 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_191831 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_191653 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_191515

Skiing Winter Park

We are staying with good friends Rob and Annie in Colorado. Their house is in Boulder but they recently bought an apartment in Winter Park, a ski area. So far we’ve skied a couple of days and go back for more soon. Here’s a few photos.

usa-colorado-winter-park-IMG_20170212_174649 usa-colorado-winter-park-IMG_20170212_174551 usa-colorado-winter-park-IMG_20170212_174449 usa-colorado-winter-park-IMG_20170212_174306usa-colorado-winter-park-IMG_20170212_174751

Snowshoeing with a Moose on the Loose

Jan and I had a day snowshoeing with good friend Annie. We left Rob listening to Derby on the internet radio, FA Cup replay with Leicester.

We’re in Winter Park town, more of a village really, about 3 miles below the ski area. Rob and Annie have their own apartment here.

The weather wasn’t good with winds forecast on the top ski area of 55 mph. We decided to snowshoe instead.

There’s a good trail for cross country skiing, snowshoeing and walking to the ski area so we followed this, the Foster River Trail. You just have to avoid walking on the skiers prepared grooves.

After the first few hundred yards the trail dropped below the road and entered a forest area. We followed the trail beside the partly frozen river through the woods.

We hadn’t gone far when the machine that had prepared the pristine trail surface that we were on stopped by me. I had stepped away from the trail as it completely fills it.

He opened his window and told me to keep an eye out for an angry Moose. A juvenile had been killed in an accident and the parent was angry and unpredictable. We were walking through it’s main territory at the time. He said if you see it stop, if it comes towards you back off! Presumably back off is a local euphemism for run like hell! All of this not easy on snowshoes.

I thanked him and we carried on rather more vigilant of movement around us than we had been.

It was a beautiful trail. Lots of photos, some on my Mamiya 7 camera with Ilford 400 Delta film, some on the phone so they could be included here. We carried on to the ski area, a total of about 3.5 miles.

Tried to visit the Brewery but it was closed so went to the pub instead.

Not very cold over here, they’re forecasting rain not snow.


jan-butcher-IMG_20170208_181035_edited usa-colorado-fraser-trail-IMG_20170208_180225 usa-colorado-fraser-trail-IMG_20170208_175947 usa-colorado-fraser-trail-IMG_20170208_175344 usa-colorado-fraser-trail-IMG_20170208_174812 usa-colorado-fraser-trail-IMG_20170208_174432 usa-colorado-fraser-trail-IMG_20170208_174142 usa-colorado-fraser-trail-IMG_20170208_173821 usa-colorado-fraser-river-IMG_20170208_173257