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Cumbria Way day 7, Coniston to Lowick Bridge

Coniston to Ulverston seems to be walked mostly in 1 day for the Cumbria Way. However the 17 miles was a little more than we wanted to do so we arranged to stop at the Red Lion in Lowick Bridge. That’s 10 miles from Coniston, so a relatively easy day with no hills to climb.

The first part was along the lake shore through woods. There was some light rain and we did put our waterproofs on but didn’t really need to and soon took them off.

After a few miles we turned away from the lake, crossed the road to Coniston from the south, and walked for miles without seeing anyone.

Mostly we stayed on the official Cumbria Way for a change but left it for the last mile or so to the Red Lion in Lowick Bridge.

Unfortunately, a bridge over a stream had been washed away in 2016 and our path was officially closed; there was no alternative route. We ignored the sign, to avoid a detour of several miles, and found an alternative crossing had already been installed next to the dodgy bridge. The stream was so narrow and shallow we could have walked or jumped across it anyway. What an unnecessary path closure!

Five minutes later (around 2,30pm) we were ringing the doorbell to the pub which officially opens at 5pm each day. Our room here is the cheapest on the route and much larger and in better condition than several of our previous rooms, and the shower worked!

Just under 74 miles and 8 hills/mountains in 7 days so far. We’ll be finishing in Ulverston tomorrow lunchtime.

Black Bull Coniston


Beacon TarnIMG_20170428_220358

Cumbria Way day 6, Langdale to Coniston

Well it had to happen sometime, for the first time on this trip we put our waterproofs on! It rained for 5 minutes shortly after leaving the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel.

We hadn’t been to the New Dungeon Ghyll in 40 years and previously it was just visiting the bar. This time we stayed in the hotel. It was the most expensive night of the whole trip but we thought it would be worth it. Unfortunately, the friendly staff couldn’t compensate for the cold shower and very small room. We won’t be back.

I had followed a lot of the Cumbria Way from here in the past so routed us via Blea Tarn and High Tilberthwaite. The waterproofs came off just after the Tarn and weren’t needed again.

It was an easy walk over the hill to Tilberthwaite and then through woods and over fields to Coniston. We were in the Black Bull by 2.30pm, our hotel for the night. What a difference to the previous night, a nice big room with a modern en-suite where everything worked! The stout was excellent too.

After checking in and relaxing with a pint we walked down to the lake, 8.5 miles wasn’t enough! It was a beautiful evening.

Coniston Water


IMG_20170428_215954 IMG_20170428_215821

Blea TarnIMG_20170428_215550

Cumbria Way day 5, Rosthwaite to Langdale

It was another brilliant day in the Lake District for day 5 of our version of the Cumbria Way. Cold but sunny with spectacular views through the cold air.

We started a bit after 9am from the Royal Oak in Rosthwaite, who looked after us very well.

Our route followed the Coast to Coast path for the first couple of miles to Greenup Edge then we headed off to High Raise. I can’t remember being on High Raise since we had a trip with our good friends from the Frythe, Welwyn 40 years ago. We had a photo of the view from the top on our wall at home for many years. The view hasn’t changed much!

From here it was a short walk across the plateau to Sergeant Man. Quite a lot of ice around on pools of water and on rocks. Also a few patches of fresh snow.

Next was Stickle Tarn for photos with Harrison Stickle and Pavey Ark behind. Then it was down the track to New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, our abode for the night.

Stickle Tarn above Langdale


IMG_20170426_180353-1003x476 IMG_20170426_180259-1003x523 IMG_20170426_180218-1003x447

IMG_20170426_180522-1003x482 IMG_20170426_180747-669x1548

Cumbria Way day 3, Bassenthwaite to Swinside

Today was a shorter day, just 11.5 miles. Sunny spells all day but it was mostly cold with a fresh breeze.

We started by walking along Bassenthwaite Lake to the very grand Mire House. Then, to avoid the busy road, we walked up through Dodd Woods and down, past a few lumberjacks, to Portinscale. As luck would have it the Farmers Arms was open so a swift pint later we were on our way again.

It didn’t take long to reach our base for the night, the Swinside Inn. We were very well looked after here, and 6 real ales on too.


IMG_20170424_224042 IMG_20170424_223035



Cumbria Way day 4, Swinside to Rosthwaite

The forecast was for snow showers on the tops from midday, so we set off shortly after 9am to try and beat the weather.

I have been up Cat Bells a few times but never in good weather. It didn’t look good today either!

I had made a mental note of the picture I wanted of Cat Bells 3 years ago, the last time I went over the ridge. It had to be from the corner of Maiden Moor so that Cat Bells was in the foreground with Derwent Water, Skiddaw and Blencathra in the background.

The light was changing a lot through the morning so I was hopeful of getting the shot. I took several shots en route to the main viewpoint just in case the weather let me down. It was quite dull with snow showers when I reached my viewpoint but I could see it was changing so I waited.

After about 40 minutes the light had moved onto Cat Bells and was still on the background peaks too, with a few cloud shadows to help the shot.

Job done after just 3 years!

We followed the ridge along with the odd snow flurry before going down quite a steep track to Rosthwaite.


IMG_20170425_211548 IMG_20170425_211225 IMG_20170425_211109 IMG_20170425_125338318

Before the light


After the light


Cumbria Way Day 2, Caldbeck to Bassenthwaite

It was another good day today. Good weather and spectacular views from the tops on the Cumbria Way in the Lake District.

We had enormous breakfasts at the Oddfellows Arms before heading towards the hills just south. Then it was up High Pike and along to Knott and Little Calva. The descent from here was down a steep heather clad slope to rejoin the Cumbria Way below.

The last bit was across fields to Bassenthwaite village. Fortunately the Sun Inn was open so we called in for a short break before heading down the road to the Castle Inn Hotel for the night. Just 13 miles today.

Skiddaw from the north


Blencathra from Knott


Jan bringing up the rear


View north to Solway FirthIMG_20170423_214458 IMG_20170423_214304

Skiddaw from KnottIMG_20170423_214223

Cumbria Way Day 1, Carlisle to Caldbeck

Over the next week or so Jan and I are walking the Cumbria Way from Carlisle to Ulverston.

We travelled up yesterday by train, spent the night in Carlisle before setting off today at the crack of 9.30am. it was a lovely day, mostly sunny but not too warm. We stopped for a break after 7 miles at the Bridge End Inn near Dalston. It gave my aching back a rest.

Most of the walking was along the river on good tracks. Not much in the way of signs for the Way, we saw just 3 all day. All was fine until we reached Bell Bridge, a few miles from the end. It had been washed away in the floods of 2015 and hasn’t been replaced yet. The central span was completely missing, just the approach piers remain on each side. The alternative was along the road for a mile or so to the next bridge.

We walked down the hill and into Caldbeck village at 4.30pm, a total of 16 miles from the Travelodge in the middle of Carlisle. That’s the longest day done. Fortunately, the Oddfellows Arms pub where we are staying was open so I was able to have a medicinal pint before heading to our room.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another reasonable day but snow showers are forecast for Monday and Tuesday!

Carlisle Tourist Centre

Carlisle Tourist Centre

uk-lakes-cw-IMG_20170422_223831 The hills we hike over tomorrowuk-lakes-cw-IMG_20170422_223540