Cumbria Way day 7, Coniston to Lowick Bridge

Coniston to Ulverston seems to be walked mostly in 1 day for the Cumbria Way. However the 17 miles was a little more than we wanted to do so we arranged to stop at the Red Lion in Lowick Bridge. That’s 10 miles from Coniston, so a relatively easy day with no hills to climb.

The first part was along the lake shore through woods. There was some light rain and we did put our waterproofs on but didn’t really need to and soon took them off.

After a few miles we turned away from the lake, crossed the road to Coniston from the south, and walked for miles without seeing anyone.

Mostly we stayed on the official Cumbria Way for a change but left it for the last mile or so to the Red Lion in Lowick Bridge.

Unfortunately, a bridge over a stream had been washed away in 2016 and our path was officially closed; there was no alternative route. We ignored the sign, to avoid a detour of several miles, and found an alternative crossing had already been installed next to the dodgy bridge. The stream was so narrow and shallow we could have walked or jumped across it anyway. What an unnecessary path closure!

Five minutes later (around 2,30pm) we were ringing the doorbell to the pub which officially opens at 5pm each day. Our room here is the cheapest on the route and much larger and in better condition than several of our previous rooms, and the shower worked!

Just under 74 miles and 8 hills/mountains in 7 days so far. We’ll be finishing in Ulverston tomorrow lunchtime.

Black Bull Coniston


Beacon TarnIMG_20170428_220358