Cumbria Way day 8, Lowick Bridge to Ulverston; the End

Saturday 29th April 2017, our final day on the Cumbria Way! It was a dull and chilly start as we left the Red Lion in Lowick Bridge. What a friendly little village pub owned and run by Steve and Lucy. Big room, good food, 3 real ales and fast WiFi.

The route mainly crossed fields and rough ground, then quite a few wooded areas with lots of Bluebells.

Then we were coming down the last hill into Ulverston. I couldn’t believe it, there were flags everywhere. Obviously put out to welcome us at the end of the walk! Well it was a nice delusion for an instant, Ulverston is covered in flags.

We came down to the car park where the Cumbria Way starts and finishes but it was filled with a funfair. Difficult to spot the official end, after circumnavigating the car park we found it hidden by flags.

The end.

A total of 82 miles with my detours, 8 days walking, 8 mountains/hills less than an hour of rain in total.

As far as the photography was concerned, I used 6 rolls of Ilford 400 Delta 120 film (60 negatives) in my Mamiya 7 camera with 65mm lens. The only other camera gear carried was a Sekonic 758 spot meter, spare batteries and 3 filters (yellow, orange and red) although I mostly just used the orange as the skies were pretty good. It was all carried in a LowePro Toploader case on a shoulder harness. The lid pocket was large enough for my Satmap 12 GPS and whatever Harvey’s map I was using each day (OS maps are too bulky).

The Cumbria Way sculpture in Ulverston


Laurel and Hardy statue

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