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New Video on Making a Print Using Split Grade Printing

I have added a video to the existing Tutorial and changed the name slightly to Split Grade Printing the Ilford Way. It’s the simplest basic technique to make black and white darkroom prints. If you can master it your prints will need far less manipulation (dodging and burning) to reach the final print.

If you just want to view the video here it is:

Hope you find it useful.

If you would like to see all 3 videos that cover the printing process from Test Strip to Split Grade Print use this link to view them in sequence:

New Videos on Making Test Strips and Making a First Print

My new videos on Making a Test Strip and Making Your First Print are now in the Tutorials here on Darkroom Dave and on YouTube.

I have added them in to the existing Tutorial called Making Your First Black and White Print.

If you just want to view the videos here they are:

Making a Test Strip

Making Your First Print