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Ilford Photo Technical Information

Ilford Photo recently replaced their website and I found it difficult to find product technical information recently. This may be a short term issue until they reload everything onto the new site but just in case I have added all of the pdf files of their technical information, leaflets and brochures that I have onto this website on the Kit page, under the relevant product.

There are about 45 files in total. I hope they are of use.

They include most of the films, papers, processing chemicals, safelights as well as the user manuals for the 1250 Dryer and the MG500 enlarger system. There is also the current 2018 product brochure and the Ilford History brochure which covers everything from the company formation in 1879 up to 2004.

The black and white part of the company was restructured in February 2005 after a management buyout, trading under the Harman Technology name. That’s the current situation with Peter Elton as the Managing Director.

Ilford Photo, Kentmere Photo and Harman Photo are all brands of Harman Technology Ltd.

Ilford Harman logo