Cumbria Way day 5, Rosthwaite to Langdale

It was another brilliant day in the Lake District for day 5 of our version of the Cumbria Way. Cold but sunny with spectacular views through the cold air.

We started a bit after 9am from the Royal Oak in Rosthwaite, who looked after us very well.

Our route followed the Coast to Coast path for the first couple of miles to Greenup Edge then we headed off to High Raise. I can’t remember being on High Raise since we had a trip with our good friends from the Frythe, Welwyn 40 years ago. We had a photo of the view from the top on our wall at home for many years. The view hasn’t changed much!

From here it was a short walk across the plateau to Sergeant Man. Quite a lot of ice around on pools of water and on rocks. Also a few patches of fresh snow.

Next was Stickle Tarn for photos with Harrison Stickle and Pavey Ark behind. Then it was down the track to New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, our abode for the night.

Stickle Tarn above Langdale


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