San Francisco in the Rain

We’re on our way home from Colorado now. One more night in San Francisco then we fly back to Heathrow. It was very wet walking around San Francisco today. Very heavy rain, cold and windy all day, just like being at home in Derbyshire!

Jan and I went for a walk of about 9 miles for a bit of exercise. I didn’t take my Mamiya film camera but I did take some pictures on my phone.

We started with Lombard Street, then down to Fisherman’s Wharf and along the waterfront.

usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_193616usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_194034usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_193858 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_193313 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_193133 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_193027 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_192922 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_192817 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_191831 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_191653 usa-san-francisco-IMG_20170220_191515