City Light Exhibition in Buxton

We have put up a new exhibition in the Art Cafe in Buxton Pavilion Gardens called City Light. It is mainly photographs from my recent book of the same name. There are a total of 41 framed photographs, all taken on film and hand-printed by Darkroom Dave on the finest darkroom paper available, Ilford Multigrade IV Fibre Based silver gelatin paper.

It runs Saturday 3rd May to Wednesday 9th July, 9.30am to 5pm, free unrestricted entry, just come and go as you please. You can also buy on the day and take away with you, no need to wait until the end of the exhibition. I will of course replace photographs as they sell.

In case you are unfamiliar with Buxton, Pavilion Gardens on St Johns Road, it is one of the main Victorian buildings and gardens in the town and is joined on to Buxton Opera House. It is very easy to find but to help you the postcode for Sat Navs is SK17 6BE!

There is a bit of logic to the hanging order, you may be pleased to hear. On the right at the top of the spiral staircase are 2 large boards with all of the England photos, including Buxton, Oxford, Cambridge and Newcastle as well as a complete board of London photos.

On the back wall there is limited hanging space so just room for 2 large photos of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The wall facing you at the top of the spiral staircase has all the Europe photos in a long line of single photos and includes Rome, Venice, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Oslo and Dublin. The last picture is Hong Kong to tie in with the large board at the end of that wall. Here there are photos of Sydney and Christchurch but mostly New York with one each from Chicago and Washington.

There are lots of night shots in the selection, in fact 26 of the 41 are dusk or night photographs.

Here are some photos taken after hanging the exhibition on Friday. There is a lot of glass, both for each framed photograph and in the building surrounding the pictures so I was unable to avoid reflections on all of the photographs. They look great when you stand in front of them though!

England Photographs

City Light exhibition Buxton Art Cafe 2014

USA, Australia, New Zealand with Scotland on the right

City Light exhibition Buxton Art Cafe 2014

The opposite wall as you come up the stairs with Europe under the windows

City Light exhibition in the Art Cafe in Buxton Pavilion Gardens 2014