Dryer for Fibre Based Papers – 2018 Update

I have been using my Maco Ecomat TP5060 for drying fibre based darkroom prints since buying it new from Nova Darkroom in 2002. It is the Rolls Royce of dryers for drying Ilford FB papers flat and takes up to 24 x 20 inch (61 x 51cm) sheets.

Ilford FB papers are notoriously difficult to dry flat and the FB Classic papers that Ilford introduced in 2014 are no better at this! That’s my only complaint about their fine papers.

The dryer has variable heat and I dry my prints against the drying cloth on the cover. The dryer gives a dull gloss similar to what would be obtained from air drying glossy FB paper.

The dryer is still available by special order, but only in this one size, direct from the German manufacturer Hans O. Mahn and Co for €1095 (February 2018), it is currently called ‘MACO ecomat dry press 51x65cm’. Here’s a link: www.macodirect.de/labor/papierentwickung/trocknung/maco-ecomat-trockenpresse-51x65cm

Maco Ecomat FB paper dryer

It weighs about 15kg and needs a space a bit bigger than the paper that it dries, around 80 x 70 cm should do. It’s about 16cm high when closed.

Maco Ecpmat FB Dryer closed

Replacement drying cloths are still available for €149 (February 2018) and in regular use should last over 10 years, judging by my experience. Here’s a link: www.macodirect.de/labor/papierentwickung/trocknung/maco-ersatztrockentuch-fuer-ecomat-trockenpresse-51x65cm-tp5060

maco Ecomat FB Dryer with latch open

If you’re looking for a dryer for FB papers I suggest you take a close look at the Maco Ecomat dryer.

Maco Ecomat FB print dryer heat control and power switch

P.S. If the links above change over time I suggest you go to the main website and search from there: www.macodirect.de