Do you do much manipulation of the image when making a print?

My fine art prints are all made in the darkroom using traditional methods so the opportunity for manipulation is far less that for digital. Mainly I adjust the tones to match what I saw when I took the photograph, bearing in mind that camera film is very sensitive to blue light compared to the human eye. This means that blue skies will be overexposed on the film leading to lighter skies in the print than the eye sees when the image was taken. A yellow or orange filter will help at the taking stage but I also adjust for this by giving skies more exposure in the darkroom. That is about the limit of what I do in the darkroom.

I use Photoshop for all the images on my web site and that are used for image licensing. After I have scanned a negative I edit it using Photoshop so that it closely matches what I would produce in the darkroom. I don’t like to over-print. There are far too many bells and whistles in Photoshop which tempt people to over-edit images.